Key Personnel

Team Civil has a stable and loyal workforce that is highly experienced, attain Nationally Accredited training with broad experience to complete the project requirements in a safe and efficient manner, whilst maintaining the highest level of quality and Environmental outcomes for it’s clients.

Team Civil ensures the relevant personnel are allocated to the project requirements such as Project Manager’s, Engineers, Supervisors, Foreman, Team Leaders, Plant Operators, Construction Workers and Administration Staff. This ensures our projects are adequately resourced with experienced personnel to undertake the project requirements.

Team Civil is compliant with the Federal National Code of Practice of 2016.

Managing Director

Nick provides a solid understanding of the environmental considerations and technical capabilities in the management of water and waste water treatment. His Civil Structural and Civil Environmental degree lead him to over 10 years’ extensive practice in civil construction and design management.

Project Engineer & IT

Michael is our Project Engineer and our IT guru , he has taken all of the drone footage from Happy Valley Reservoir, improving our survey capability through the purchase of new survey equipment which he will use to internally train our workers and he’s also working through implementing new electronic systems for the company eg. using the cloud to upload photos so we can download all photos from a site in the office in real time.

Estimator/Project Manager

Rowan is our Estimator/Project manager he works so hard on tenders estimating and putting them together for Nick. Also Rowan works in the capacity of a project manager, during the Happy Valley Reservoir works he managed the design and construction process for the Happy Valley Pedestrian Bridge and Boardwalk, Mt. Bold Lookout and a number of other small structures installed during the reservoirs project.

HSEQ Systems Manager

Serenity has more than 15 years’ experience in the construction industry working with Tier 1 construction companies and government entities. Serenity holds qualifications in environmental, safety & quality that gives her a solid understanding of HSEQ systems and client requirements.

Contracts & Administration Manager

Dean is a qualified accountant and has more than 40 years’ experience in commercial management. His coordination of administrative procedures and management of costs and expenses ensures all internal budgeting is maintained effectively. His diligence to meet regulatory requirements ensures Team Civil operates smoothly and successfully.

Plant & Equipment

Team Civil owns a small expanding fleet of well-maintained plant and equipment ranging from tandem tipper trucks, Machinery Float Trailers, Excavators, Backhoes, 4WD utilities, specialised plant and equipment trailers, Containers, welding equipment, generators, compaction equipment, concrete tooling and other small plant and equipment necessary for works to be undertaken in the Civil Infrastructure Industry.  Additionally selected specialist tooling is NATA certified as required ensuring the highest quality outcomes.

Suppliers & Subcontractors

Team Civil utilises its long established supplier and subcontractor supply chain utilising South Australian companies as a priority, with our supply chain providing specialist products and services to ensure we achieve our project objectives to the highest standards for our clients